Why not ask Simon along to present his work to your club or group?
Simon has three different talks he can give to any Camera Club, Photographic Society or other organisation interested in photography.

Simon charges his mileage to and from the venue at 45p per mile plus a small fee of just £30 to cover the wear and tear of his equipment and materials and the cost of printing and preparation for the evening.

The talks are:

"Extraordinary Ordinary"

In this talk, Simon presents, and explains the thinking and technique behind, his found still life images and urban abstracts - as seen in the 'Extraordinary Ordinary' galleries on this website.

The digital talk is accompanied by a large number of high quality printed images which members of audience are invited to hold, study and discuss.

Simon's presentation includes plenty of ideas, tips and practical advice - and ways to discover similar images in a range of everyday settings.

Out of the Dark

In this talk Simon introduces audiences to the art of the still life - and still life photography in particular.

As well as presenting a large number of his own stunning light-painted still life images, with light and shadow reminiscent of renaissance art, he takes the audience through a brief history of both still life painting and photography - and describes how classic art can influence modern photography.

The presentation introduces you to some current masters of still life photography; gives tips on the art of composition and lighting and discusses some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Working Lives

In this talk, Simon presents his images of working craftspeople and artisans and provides a range of advice and guidance on:
- working with busy people and getting the best out of them without disrupting their need to hit important deadlines
- using flash in limited space and often challenging settings

Use the contact form in this website to ask about availability. If you are a PAGB affiliated club, his other contact details are in the Western Counties Photographic Federation's handbook.