Simon holds latest one man show in Bristol

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The flyer for Simon's latest exhibition
Simon Caplan stages his latest one man exhibition at Bristol's Create Centre from September 5th to 18th – offering local people a rare chance to enjoy his unique way of unearthing striking and attractive images from the everyday objects and scenes that many people simply walk past or ignore.
Entitled “ExtraordinaryOrdinary 2: Hidden Beauty in the Urban Environment”, the show at the centre in B Bond Building, Smeaton Road BS1 6XN features a range of new images uncovered by Simon in Bristol and other urban areas across the South West.
The exhibition is open from 9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays and from 10.30am to 3pm on the two Saturdays during its run (5th and 12th). Admission is free.
“Many people think my shots are abstracts or even paintings, but they are real objects that I have found in the street or in buildings,” said Simon. “It’s all a matter of seeing things slightly differently and knowing how to use the camera and different lenses to get the effect you want. I'm very excited about this latest exhibition - there's nothing better than seeing your work printed and framed and up on the wall."
All images on display are for sale as framed and mounted prints at just £49 each – with £5 from each sale being donated to the Lifeskills Safety Centre at Create, a charity which teaches children and vulnerable adults ways to stay safe and healthy. When he’s not taking photographs, Simon is a regular volunteer guide at Lifeskills, which is open to visitors as part of Doors Open Day on Saturday 12th.